Monday, June 13, 2011

We Have Been so Blessed

My Grandpa Halladay passed away last Saturday and as I thought back about the memories I had with my Grandpa I realized how blessed I am to have had all of my Grandparents so close. I have many memories with Grandpa working out in his shop. I remember having no idea what any of the tools were called so I probably wasn't the best assistant : ) But Grandpa was always so patient. I remember sneaking sodas with him out of his little fridge in the shop. I remember that I loved working in the Garden with him and just sitting at the top of the field with him. I always got so excited when it was my turn to eat Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpas house,  that was one of my favorite things.  As I got older Grandpa always new how to cheer me up. He probably didn't know how good it made me feel when he told me I was pretty or gave me a hug. Grandpa always had the best stories and advice to tell to us all. I'm grateful to have all the memories I have with him. I love him and will miss him.


Jesse and Julie said...

You are SO right, we have been blessed. Love ya Leslie. :)

Sara said...

I liked your post! I loved Sunday dinner turns too. Chicken Enchiladas were the best!