Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet our little one. . . Carter LeRoy Smith

This is Carter the day he was born. He was born on Feb. 7th at 5:39 A.M. and he was 8lbs 4 oz. 21 inches long. . . Big Boy! He has been so much fun for us, we are very blessed to have such a sweet baby boy. He is helping me learn a lot about myself and about how important our little family is. Here our some pictures of his life so far. I can't believe he is over two months old now. It's true what they say. . . He is growing so fast! 

Carter with Mom and Dad :)

Thank you to everyone who came to meet Carter when we were in the Hospital!

My sister Julie took this pictures for me and I love them! Carter was just a few weeks old.

Carter sitting in front of the window in the sun 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Grandpa Day with Carter and Carters Cousin Asher born just six days after him. 

One of the first times he laughed. He was just staring at the ceiling fan and thought it was pretty funny : ) 

Carters first day at church. 

I wish I could post every picture I have but it would be way to many :) There will be more to come!

Monday, June 13, 2011

We Have Been so Blessed

My Grandpa Halladay passed away last Saturday and as I thought back about the memories I had with my Grandpa I realized how blessed I am to have had all of my Grandparents so close. I have many memories with Grandpa working out in his shop. I remember having no idea what any of the tools were called so I probably wasn't the best assistant : ) But Grandpa was always so patient. I remember sneaking sodas with him out of his little fridge in the shop. I remember that I loved working in the Garden with him and just sitting at the top of the field with him. I always got so excited when it was my turn to eat Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpas house,  that was one of my favorite things.  As I got older Grandpa always new how to cheer me up. He probably didn't know how good it made me feel when he told me I was pretty or gave me a hug. Grandpa always had the best stories and advice to tell to us all. I'm grateful to have all the memories I have with him. I love him and will miss him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Ice Castle Adventure

The last few weeks me and Josh have really started going crazy with the cold weather. We love being outside and going and doing things and since the weather is bad we are stuck inside a lot. Anyway this last Saturday Josh's parents invited us to go up to midway to walk thorough the "Ice Castle". I've never been so we decided to tag along and it was a lot of fun. Here's a few more pictures : ) So if you have a free Saturday it's really a lot of fun!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi everyone! I've been wanting to start a my own family blog for a while and today I finally decided to do it! I'm having a lot of fun so far putting it together. I thought I would start out by telling you a little bit about me and Josh. We got married in October of 2009 and it has been the best fifteen months of my life. These are some of our engagement pictures.  

We love camping! We bought our first trailer last summer and it was so fun. Camping is so much more fun when I can take a little home with me. Camping with our family is a lot of fun. I don't have any pictures of it but me and Josh spend most of our time at the lake fishing ( I always try to catch bigger fish then him. . . ha ha ).

 This is our favorite look out spot. . . it's so beautiful!

 This is our nephew Heber. . . Josh's little buddy

 Josh loves Hunting and doing anything outdoors. . . we spend a lot of time every year up in the mountains looking for dear or just driving around enjoying our beautiful world.

 He'll kill me when he sees this on here : )

And both of us love spending time time with our families. We are very blessed to have great relationships with them and to have them so close that we can spend time with all of them. here are a few fun pictures from the holidays.

 I think were pretty goofy but it was a lot of fun!

Well I think that will be enough to get me started and for you to get to know us a little bit. There will be more to come soon!